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I bought a vanilla bill pay visa card today. I had to pay a fee for a replacement phone.

I called the insurance company to pay and guess what? The card is declined. I try 5 other attempts and nothing! So I now believe it's maybe the card I go back to walgreens to be turned away, I go back home to give the card one more try...and to my surprise it's declined again.

I go online to check I run across a tab to register, I put my info and click the button apparently now I'm on que for a replacement..so now a card I just bought I can't use and have to wait seven to ten business days.

I will never use this service as it is not efficient or thorough. Plus I called the company which I was hung up on.

Monetary Loss: $110.

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This is a fraudulent product/company, no question. I purchased a $50 Vanilla card for a gift and the person registered it online and it originally said $50.

Tried to use it three times and it was denied. I checked into it and it says it was purchased at $30 and had already been used!?? Checked further and the card number says it was purchased in a different town, different date and different amount than the one I bought. Sent them my receipts and copies of the card and they say it is not their problem but the retailers.

Went back to retailer and they say no VISA card was even purchased in their store on the date that VISA is saying. They must have sold a card with the same number to someone else and it kicked ours out of the system. They will not help at all and are denying any responsibility. The retailer says that in 2011 hundreds of their customers were having problems like this and so they pulled the cards off the shelf.

This is fraud and theft and needs media attention.

VISA is making millions off of these fraudulent transactions.

Scranton, Pennsylvania, United States #709723

i use them all the tome and it qorks perfectly fine! i ushally but from cvs walmart knart or turkey hill!

there's no pronb its the user of the card! you beed to go to the website first!


I bought a 250$ "Vanilla" brand Visa card. This hard has overcharged 2 of the 3 purchases I have made with it.

It's bad enough you have to pay an activation fee and all that garbage, but now you're overcharging purchases too? As of today, in total, they have basically STOLEN an extra $10.00 from my gift card. $10.00 of my hard earned cash just GONE.

I would NEVER EVER recommend this brand of pre-paid visa card to anyone, an expensive lesson so far. AVOID, DO NOT PURCHASE.

Los Angeles, California, United States #616346

A) you first must have to register the card ONLINE in order for it to work on certain things,


that's what happened t you, it's happened to me I've used them for 3 years, and those are the only problems I've come across, usually the second.

Windsor, Ontario, Canada #616003

I did receive my replacement card from Vanilla Visa today via FedEx. So,I have the 150 back on a card,but will never buy a Vanilla Visa again,EVER!!

Windsor, Ontario, Canada #615383

My husband bought a Vanilla Visa 2 weeks ago..Never again! Card was not properly done before it even left the Vanilla Visa building.

The card had no account information entered into the system,so when we tried to register the card over the phone with Vanilla Visa,they had no record of it. So,this is what they tell me. They need a fax with the front and back of the card,my info,the receipt from 7 11 where it was bought. I had no easy access to a fax machine,so they say send the card in the mail.

At this point,we are livid. We bought it to pay a bill and now we are told because of an error on Vanilla Visa's end,I the customer am out the $150.00 card we bought until I can get this info to them.Its now 2 weeks later,they are sending it Fed Ex tomorrow,nothing extra from them,just the $150.00 that I have to take on another Vanilla Visa. They are the worse. Don't buy the cards.

I did some research on my own and find that Vanilla Visa has had this issue going on with some of the cards from 2011. I hear Shoppers Drug Mart got a bunch,and 7 11 too. Vanilla Visa has known about this for quite awhile and have said nothing to the stores selling them. I told 7 11 what was happening.

Beware! The card may or may not work,more likely not. Its a pain for the customer trying to get their money back.

So frustrating. Vanilla Visa,YOU SUCK!!


I got the *** vanilla gift cars from rite aid. I attempted to use it to pay my bill online but the *** card refused to work.

if anyone is reading this?


to kindle spirit #580406

ThisVanilla Visa cards are a big hassle.

I bought mine at Rite Aid also.

Everytime i tried to use it, my purchase was declined. It wasn't Rite Aids fault.

TheVanilla Visa company is thiefs.

to Tenanta Amarillo, Texas, United States #586384

No, you ***. To use it in any way other than handing it directly to someone, you either have to call them or go online and register it with a zip code.


So far so good the only thing is it needs to tell u to register the card before using it. I tried to pay a bill before I did an it declined it.

but after I went on vanillabillpay.com an enter my zip code no issues so far. :)

to Shalena Albany, New York, United States #582954

They say there is no monthly fee wrong!!! You pay .50 cents EVERYTIME you slide your card that more than doubles the amount of what a monthly fee would be worst card ever!!


You have to register the zip code first


Do not buy a vanilla visa. It said i had to wait 24 hours before using it so i did and it still doesnt work. *** Vanillavisa


I got a Vanilla Gift card as a gift with a small amount of money on it, decided to use it for much needed groceries and it was declined. Called the customer service number, the automated states to take the card back to where it was purchased and have it properly activated.

When I actually spoke to a representative she admitted that the recordings are wrong and old. She told that I could not take the card back to the store that the store could not fix the problem. She told me that I would have to fax over a copy of the card and receipt and it take 3 to five days to fix the problem. I asked here what were they going to do for me for my inconvenience, she stated the card will be fixed.

I asked for a higher source of information other than what's on the card and she stated there wasn't anyone else to contact. My mother of which purchased the card contacted the store manager from where the card was purchased, the store is refunding the money spent on the card...


I have used Vanilla Bill Pay Visa Card twice a month for the last 5 years to pay my bills, buy things online & in stores & have never had any problems with it.


yeah this gift card company is total bull ***. My cousin gave me a card and it declines but at least it was only 10 dollars.

But in january my mom gave me 500 dollar gift card cause she owned me money. I try to use it but it declines so i go to activate to but now i have to wait for a replacement card but it never came to me and now i lost 500 dollars cause i do not have the old card as reference

to Noel Kim #618267

Hey, Noel Kim, that's why I NEVER toss ANY of my cards, untill 2 to 6 months after the final purchase has been determined to BE FINAL. Sometimes, you think you are done with a purchase, and then something happens, and maybe you get a refund or a credit for some silly reason you couldn't forsee (which happened to me) Also, I keep a shortlist of my cards, w/numbers and date or just month of purchase/use, just in case I need the reference for any reason...

Has worked well for me so far. P.S. I assume you did register a zipcode to your card before that experience... sucks what happened to you, nice for you, though, that you can just "shake off" $500 in this economy (US or Canada)...

{Been using these cards a bit since 2012, so far- no problems but 1..

self-inflicted and solved with 2 mins online "info search" and putting a postal code on card. Didn't even EVER, so far, have to wait 24hrs!.} 8)

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