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Went to an official looking vanilla prepaid site to register my zip code for online purchase and it said the server was down for mantainence and try back later,this was after i put all the card info in. When the purchase did not go through i looked up my balance on a different vanilla site it said my balance was $0 and was all taken by the second vanilla site was the official site,the first one with the young african american women on the page talking about college finances and the try back later message was the ripoff site.i should have noticed the help menus and other drop downs on that site are inactive_____beware______!

Product or Service Mentioned: Vanilla Visa Website.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I had the same thing happen on 02/21/2018.

Same website. I do have the link.

Customer service was very unhelpful.

They were uninterested in the website that was using their name to steal information. When asked about a fraud department they said they had one but refused to give contact information for that department or to connect me with that department.


I had the same thing happen to me on 9-9-17


Bought card for my grandson for purchase of medical necessities. I wanted to make sure card loaded so I went to, website listed on back of card took me to a very legitimate looking website that had a lime green background and a young, smiling African American woman talking on phone and website said something about making college expenses easier to deal with.

I enter the card info to check the balance and site tells me something like, unable to process your request at this time. About 5 hours later I see an email stating that the medical items purchased could not be processed because card was invalid. I try the very same web address again and it actually took me to a different site (this one was actually legitimate) telling me I only had a balance of a little over $3 left. Approx $119 had been charged to an Etsy vendor.

I did contact Vanilla Visa. Customer service rep said they will dispute transaction, but it would take 90 days.

When I went back to look for that fake website, I couldn't find it. My computer had already erased browsing history.

Southern Pines, North Carolina, United States #1332521

I just had the same thing happen to me, brand new card $200.00 card, I only made one purchase for $10.00. Hoping OneVanilla will refund my $.

San Antonio, Texas, United States #1332142

I just had this happen to me! I went online to to check my balance.

After repeated attempts of putting in all card info it would not show balance. I gave up and a couple days later tried to use the card. It shows a zero balance. I called Vanilla to ask why a new card has a $0 balance.

Carla @ vanilla stated the card was used on may 24 8:13pm. I told her it's may 24 today and only am how can that be? She then stated oh it was approved today? It was used at Giftme inc (on may 23rd @6:42 pm)and gave me a number to call them.

I tried calling no answer and when you look that name up online it's registered to a foreign company and closed! Something a little fishy going on.

Vanillas internet site is a scam either with their knowledge or not...I'm thinking they know what is going on. Beware!

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