Last year I was outraged that Vanilla Visa charged an activation fee + monthly fee to use the card. The card was sitting on my shelf for a while, however when I attempted to use it, they happily informed me that there are no funds there (in other words they simply took everything my friend gave me a gift).

This year I had another friend giving us a Vanilla Visa as a gift for my child's birthday. I was ready for a new InComm $4.95 activation charge, but was not ready to what happened after that.

We made a purchase of lego toys from toywiz.com. Store did not even had an items in stock (as I learned later), but they happily charged the credit card. I attempted to contact them to no availability and decided to file a dispute claim with a card. I own multiple cards (Citi, Chase, Discover, Amex) and I am quite familiar with the procedure, because I did have disputes in the past.

I was glad that initially Incomm (company that owns Vanilla Visa) was able to start the process and asked me multiple questions that I answered via email. I provided them many documents that were requested. Couple of weeks passed and nothing happened, I began wondering and even called them, but answer was pretty cold: "please wait for an official letter in the mail".

Finally I received following (see complete letter below):

"At this time, no separate letter describing the dispute was received. This letter should include dates and times that you attempted to contact the merchant and copies of their responses. Until these items are received, your dispute is denied and no longer under review. With denial of this dispute, we consider this matter closed."

I was a bit shocked, I was never informed that I had to provide that letter and now the language they use in the letter clearly states that "the matter is closed". I will try to contact vendor once again, but I doubt I will get money back from merchant or from the card. It sounds like their entire dispute resolution team and customer service is made to cover up their shady operations.

Please DO NOT buy Vanilla Visa as a gift to your friends or family, simply give them cash or check or American Express Checks that can be deposited in any bank. Every time you give someone a Vanilla Visa card, $4.95 may be charged for activation and some monthly fee may follow. The card does not provide any security and customer service is virtually non existent.

Below is a letter that I received:

July XX, 2011

Re: Transaction Dispute Forms

Jira Ticket #: xxxxxx

Dear Cardholder:

This letter is to inform you that we have completed our investigation regarding the account number referenced above. After reviewing the information that was submitted, we have determined that all required documentation has not been received.

The Transaction Dispute Checklist clearly outlines the items that must be provided in order to process your dispute. The Transaction Dispute Checklist also states that failure to provide the necessary information will prevent the processing of your claim.

At this time, no separate letter describing the dispute was received. This letter should include dates and times that you attempted to contact the merchant and copies of their responses. Until these items are received, your dispute is denied and no longer under review. With denial of this dispute, we consider this matter closed.

Although we are unable to assist you with this matter, we appreciate the opportunity to explain our position. If we may be of further service, please call our Toll Free telephone number 800-571-1377.


InComm Dispute Department

Monetary Loss: $45.

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I went online to check my balance on what I thought was the official web page of Vanillla, boy was I wrong!!! The website is what they call a "GHOST" website that steals your card info and wipes out the balance.

The site appeared to be legit. After contacting the card company they informed me that I would have to go through this whole transacting dispute process which sounds like a huge pain in the a** with no guarantee that your money would be refunded. Why is it that I have to conduct the investigation and obtain all this information just for a maybe? Maybe they should be more aware and report these websites.

Its as easy as doing a google search!!

This is that last time I will ever purchase another pre-paid card and I will be sure to notify everyone I can to prevent them from experiencing this horrible customer services. GET IT TOGETHER VANILLA!!

Orlando, Florida, United States #1206199

I'm going through the same thing now. I purchased a card for $150 as a gift at a CVS in Orlando, FL.

I gave the gift a week later and when they tried to use it it was denied. Come to find out the minute I purchased the card the money was taken out at a Walgreens in Haileah, Fl 3/12 hours away. When I disputed it with Vanilla after providing all the necessary documentation they sent me a letter saying their determination was that I did purchase the card at the CVS and that I was present neglecting that the money was taken out in a whole different city at the same exact time. They refuse to listen any further.


Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States #1143516

I agree totally. oneVanilla is a total RIPOFF !!

As far as incomm investigations, they are a joke. I attempted to buy an auto from what I believed to be eBay Motors. I followed instructions from a very well done fake web site scam, bought four oneVanilla cards, $1800 total. @ cards were used to purchase on a PayPal account,by people I don't know.PayPal immediately sent $1000 to oneVanilla and it took me over 60 days to get my money returned to me.

The other two cards were used by two people I do not know to buy something somewhere.

incomm told me since I gave card info to the fake web site that I had authorized the use of the cards by others, and declined my dispute. They told me to contact law enforcement.which I had done and was told they did not have the man power to investigate internet fraud .

incomm told me to bad, it was my fault.


Feb 26, 2016

It happened to me too. Someone stole my card balance of $140.

The customer reps are not supportive, very rude. Please do not buy any Vanilla prepaid Visa cards.

to Anonymous #1268983

You were scammed by someone else you *** dont blame the company


Do not use Vanilla Visa Cards. If you have a dispute its your problem.

So you buy something, and you never get what you bought with your Vanilla Visa Card, well just bend over and take it in the A**. You just got F****D


Thanks for this, I need to file a dispute, but now I have little hope of getting my money back. I wont be buying again in the future.

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