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Yesterday I purchased a Vanilla Visa to send to my brother. I took it out of the bulky packing to pop it into the card and just happened to decide to call to confirm the balance. "Invalid Card." So I assumed it would take time to activate. I logged into the website and was given the same error message.

I called the company, who told me that the card was improperly activated. I returned to Walgreen's where the card was purchased, and was told that because I was given a confirmation receipt, that the card was indeed activated and that from there standpoint, there was no next actionable step.

BACK on the phone with Vanilla Visa. By now, I have grown concerned that the card inside the package may not have matched the information on the cardboard packaging. I tried bringing this to the attention of the customer service representative that I was speaking with who told me that they could do NOTHING with anything except for the card number, and that number was invalid.

By now, I am afraid that the activation number per my receipt is linked to another account. I am also afraid that because of their inaction, that the money will be spent by the time they are willing to investigate this. Furious, I called back, AGAIN. I was receiving the same runaround when I asked the rep for her ID. Her name was 'Tracy' and she begrudgingly gave me her id- 5148. I said "I paid you 100 dollars and a service fee to provide me with a preloaded card. This has not happened. What is my next step?" She mumbled a bit, and started on about going back to the retailer, and finally I said "They are unable to help me further. This is a Vanilla Visa problem. WHAT IS MY NEXT STEP!?" She finally initiated a ticket number and I am to fax in my receipt for an investigation which 'may' result in my receiving a refund.

I understand that people in this world will try anything for a free buck. HOWEVER, if Vanilla Visa is willing to take 100 dollars and a service fee from me, they need to have a course of action when that 100 dollars does not make it to it's destination. The people at Walgreen's were extremely helpful and actually regretted not having further action available. Vanilla Visa has been nothing but rude, aggressive and only marginally competent. Believe me, I am NOT going to stop here. I will follow this through as far as it takes on principle, this is simply not okay. Meanwhile, I will spread the word as quickly as possible!!!

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Jennings, Louisiana, United States #704928

The same happened to me when i 1st had it everything was good but about 4 hours after having it it said my card was invalid and i had )100 on it. Look if you ever think about buying VISA PREPAID DONT they will take your money and not help u get it back

San Francisco, California, United States #602917

Same issue, off to the store I bought it from to get some electronic journal. What a joke...


Similar issue. Purchased a card today at CVS.

When I tried to use it online the card has apparently not been activated. I have my receipt.

The card number that claims to have been activated is one digit off (instead of ABCD it is AFCD).

I intend to call Visa tomorrow though after reading the above complaints I'm sure I'm in for a long miserable ride.


My gift card had $150. When I went to use it, there was nothing on it. I called Visa and they gave me the runaround. I finally reached the lost/stolen card section and they gave me a hard time. Since it was bought months ago, my mom didn't have the receipt and without a receipt they won't even look at it.

The people were so adamant and rude, I was in tears at the end of hours on the phone. This was not what my mom wanted when she bought me the gift card.

Please do not buy gift cards when cash will do. It can be an embarrassing situation when it's declined at the cash register or frustrating when the companies don't honour them.

I dislike gift cards, yet I constantly get them as gifts. This is the second time this has happened to me with a gift card and I can't believe a company as big as Visa is able to screw up on a product like these gift cards and have the customers pay.


This happened to my niece too. She bought it to get something else and tried to use it 10 minutes after she bought it.

It was activated by the girl at the register on a completely different card that she was keeping for herself. One she had palmed and switched with my nieces. My niece went to the manager and they had videos.

The cashier was fired and my niece got a new card. I know sometimes it's VISA and their people but keep in mind it can be the cashier stealing your money.


I purchased a card for a friend (for $250.00) but after almost two months did not keep the receipt. I am sure when I purchased the card that it was activated because I bought other cards at the time.

Only the Vanilla Visa one did not work.

I've also contacted the BBB and will be contacting the stores that carry these. They should stop.





Exact same issue , was told card was improperly activated, Walgreens called and found out that the card I took out of the package it was clearly sealed in does not macth whats on the packaging.

135.00 dollars is what I applied to the card, and they put a hold on both cards, The one I took out of the package and the 1 that should of been in the package.

Something is fishy about this company and should I not see a resolution if either my money back or a card with it on it.

I am going to the states attorny office and the news channels.


I just had similar issue. My mother bought $100 card and when I open it it says $50.

I called them and they asked me for the receipt i sent everything to them and over a month alter NOTHING.

Basically the wrong card was in the packet and the one that was really activated has already been used and they will not give a new card and CVS will not issue refund.

I just filed a complaint to BBB today.


I purchased a 25$ gift card recently, I tried using it on the itunes store, it says that it's temporarily un-avalable, I also bought my card from wallgreens, the cashier did NOT ask me to sign the card, and now, I cannot make online purchases, Here's a tip to everyone else out there, DO NOT BUY VISA VANILLA! :(


My only issue with Vanilla Visa is that I lost the card and am trying to get a replacement card. They told me it would take two weeks but its been two weeks and I haven't received anything in the mail.

To make matters worse when I log in online it still says that my card has not been issued yet and is waiting to be processed.

I called customer service so many times I lost count. Don't ever buy this card.

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